Fine Cellos

C. Jean PiqueChicago, IL2011
H.K. Schmidt Master Arts Series2018
Eastman 30th Anniversary Grofriller Model2023
Francesco Ruggeri Model2010
Albert Nebel, Guarneri Model2020
Wilhelm Klier, Guarneri Model2020
Pietro Lombardi2024
H.K. Schmidt 'Master Arts' Series in Variety of Models1999-2022
Otto Germany "Stradivari" ModelGermany2023
Calin Wultur Model 6Romania2024
Josef ReghChina2023
Frederich Wyss Guarneri ModelChina2023
Eastman 30th Anniversary Model w/ Maple Back and SidesChina2023
Eastman 30th Anniversary Stradivari ModelChina2024
J.B. Guadagnini CopyLakewood, CA2015Made in the Morey's Music Workshop
Weito Gong (Silver Medalist 2016, Piccolo Model/Strad 'Forma B')China2017
Thanh KimChicago, IL 2021
Shiquan Zhao & Gerrit Maurer Rugeri ModelLakewood, CA2017
Karl Bitterer (VSA Gold Medal, 1982)Mittenwald1981
W. H. Lee model 370Chicago, IL2015
Klaus Clement Model C7 Stradivarius Copy Dresden Germany2023Includes Certificate from Maker.
Gary GaravagliaChicago, IL 2017
W. H. Lee model 350Chicago, IL 2002
Laberte-Humbert 'Collin-Mezin' ModelMirecourt, Francec.1920Includes Certificate
Shiquan Zhao, Piccolo Stradivari modelLakewood, CA2018
Antonius Stradivarius Model2020Made in the Morey's Music Workshop
Jan Szlachtowski Gofriller ModelPoland2010
Rudolfo Marchini Italy2004Copy of "Rudolfo Tramonti c.1939".
Includes Certificate from Maker.
Klaus Ludwig Clement Model C5 StradivariLeipzig, Germany2023Includes Makers Certificate
Anton Dietl WorkshopMittenwald, Germany1958Includes Certificate
Wladek Stopka 'Personal Stradivari Forma B' ModelChicago, IL.2011
Zhang An Stradivari Copy2008
Klaus Ludwig Clement C3 ModelLeipzig, Germany2023
Hofner 'Model 10E'Germany2023
Neurner & Hornsteiner, Made by Frederich RehmMittenwald, Germany1886
Ivan ZgradicLos Angeles, CA1976
1/2Shiquan ZhaoShop
1/2Wilfried LeonhardtMittenwald, Germany c. 1989
1/2Karl BittererMittenwald, Germany
1/2Scott CaoModel 7502016
1/2 Scott CaoModel 750E2023
3/4Andreas EastmanChina2019
3/4Franz Junger Model 900
3/4Zhang AnChina2006
3/4Shiquan Zhao ShopChina
3/4H.K. SchmidtMaster Arts Series2011
3/4Ming Jiang Zhu (shop)China2013
3/4Morey's ShopN. Amati Copy2011
3/4Klaus Ludwig Clement, Includes CertificateLeipzig, Germany2022
7/8Klaus Ludwig Clement, Includes CertificateLeipzig, Germany2021
7/8Pietro LombardiChina2022
7/8 Thanh Kim Chicago, IL 2012

This store is a treasure to have in Southern Cal. Stores like this don’t exist anymore. They have an astounding selection of cellos and violins of all qualities.

Dallas W.

We have been doing business with Morey’s Music for over seven years. We started with beginner cellos and violas and have progressively upgraded over the years to high quality instruments as our children have grown into advanced level musicians. Every step of the way, the entire staff has been helpful and so easy to work with. Jonathan, David, and their entire team exhibit the highest level of service, integrity, honesty, and fairness. They treat us as customers for life. You can’t go wrong with Morey’s Music.