Fine Violins

C. Jean Pique2009
Scott Cao Model 750China
C. Callegari, Stradivari, & Amati Models
Hofner Model 155-ASGermany2019
Joseph Guarnieri 1744 copy (made under the supervision of Yun Hai Xu, Gold metal winner)China2017
Stradivari ModelChina2018-2020
Ernst KreuslerGermanyc.1920's
Shiquan Zhao Shop G.P Maggini ModelChina
Pietro LombardiChina
R. Teller WorkshopGermanyc.1960
Franz Sander Stradivari ModelGermany
Amati ModelGermanyc.1920's
Amati Copy 'Cremona Solo' ModelGermanyc.1901Sold
A. Stradivari ModelGermanyc.1894Sold
W.H. AdkinsUSAc.1908Sold
Lowendall, Solo modelGermanyc.1900Sold
N. NelsonSalt Lake City, Utah1923Sold
Klingenthal SchoolGermanyc.1880Sold
Alfredo GaleaS. Africa1957Sold
A.M. NelsonUSAc.1947Sold
Ming Jiang Zhu ShopChinaSold
Joseph G. ParsonsSan Diego, CA1897
Zhang AnChina2007
Karl BittererMittenwald, Germany1973
Clarence StalcupLa Mesa, CA1955
Shiquan Zhao - "shop violin"Lakewood, CA2013
Jacobus HornsteinerGermany1927
Heinrich HolsteSteinkirchen, Germany1904
Lyon & HealyMarkneukirchen, Germanyc.1900
Weitao GongChina2018
Topa WorkshopZakopane, Poland2015
Shiquan Zhao ShopU.S.A/China1999
Shiquan ZhaoLakewood, CA2004
Ernst GlaeselMarkneukirchen, Germanyc.1890
Herman HochmuthMilwaukee, WI1894
J. Guarneri ModelGermanyc.1900
Wilkanowski ShopNew Yorkc.1930's
Klaus Ludwig Clement Guarneri ModelLeipzig, Germany2021
J.T. Lamy Stradivari ModelFrancec.1910
Composite Violin Labeled Johann DresselGermanyc.1912
Stradivari Model Germanyc.1880's
Dresden School Stradivari ModelGermanyc.1900






Ernst Heinrich Roth Model VIIR Red StradivariusGermany1925
Mathias NeurnerMittenwald, Germany1899
Shiquan Zhao, Strad. modelLakewood, CA
Albert KnorrMarkneukirchen, Germanyc.1920's
F&R EndersMarkneukirchen, Germanyc.1920's
Joseph BauschGermany1907
Shiquan Zhao, Guarneri modelLakewood, CA
Thomas FawickCleveland, OH1957
Mietek RusnakChicago, IL 2004
Kurt GutterMarkneukirchen, Germany1929
Modern Italian A. Romeo copyItalyc. 1960s-1970s
Rene AertsBrussels/Los Angeles1932
Justin Derazey WorkshopFrancec.1900
Hermann TodtMarkneukirchen, Germanyc.1910
Neuner & HornsteinerMittenwald, Germany1899
Weitao GongChina2016
Asa Warren WhiteBoston, MAc.1890's
Villaume-MalagnocNancy, Francec.1890
George PyneLondon, England1919
Wilhelm DurrschmidtMarkneukirchen, Germany1929
G.A. Ficker, Made by E.H. RothGermany1928
Stradivari ModelFrancec.1900
A. Willy MartinKanas City, MO1945
Maurizio Catellani w/ CertificateModolena, Italy2012



Gerrit Maurer Stradivari ModelLakewood, CA2022
Michael BittererMittenwald1985
Michael BittererMittenwald1989
Shiquan Zhao, Silver Medal, Czech Republic, 2004Lakewood, CA2016
Shiquan Zhao, Guarneri Model Lakewood, CA 2018
George Apparut w/ certificate France c. 1910
Stefano Lupo w/ Makers CertificateItaly2016
Labeled J.B. Collin-MezinParis, France1887
Bronek CisonChicago, IL2011
Shiquan Zhao 'J.B. Vuillaume' ModelLakewood, CA
Karl Bitterer VSA Gold Medal Winning ViolinMittenwald, Germany
Mathias ThirVienna1768
Giuseppe Pedrazzini (with certificate)Milan, Italy1922
Charles F. Gand Maggini model (with certificate)Paris, France1843
Edgardo Russ (with Makers certificate)Cremona, Italy2001
Cesare Magrini (with Makers certificate)Bologna, Italy1983
Antonio CavalazziRavenna, Italy1964
Peter Tatar (with certificate)Cremona, Italy1948
Yunhai XuChina2018
Paul Blanchard (with certificate)Francec.1905-1910
Igino Sderci (with Makers Certificate)Florence, Italy1965
Gustave BernadelParis, France1895
Francois Caussin (with Certificate)France1855
Concetto Puglisi (with Certificate)Italy1923
Sergio PeressonUdinese, Italy1966
1/8Josef BittererMittenwaldc. 1960
1/4Neuner HornsteinerMittenwaldc. 1900
1/2W. H. LeeChicago1989
1/2Neuner HornsteinerMittenwaldc. 1895, 1924, 1929, 1934
1/2J.B. Schweitzer modelGermanyc. 1890
1/2Dresden Schoolc. 1890
1/2Rudoulf DoetschGermany
1/2Peter NeunerGermany
3/4Labeled Marc LaberteMirecourt, Francec.1920
3/4J.T. Lamy, Ruggeri modelFrance1890
3/4Michael PuzakNeumarkt1999
3/4G. P. Maginni modelGermanyc. 1890
3/4J. T. LamyMirecourtc. 1900
3/4Josef BittererMittenwald1964
3/4Lyon & HealyFrance1923
3/4Zhang AnChina
3/4Neuner & HornsteinerMittenwaldc. 1881, 1884, 1906
3/4J.A. BaaderMittenwaldc. 1924
3/4Shiquan ZhaoLakewood, CA1997
3/4Louis Dolling Jr. Marneukirchen1926
3/4Clement & WeiseGermany
3/4E. H. Roth Bubenreuth, Germany c. 1962
3/4W. H. Lee1991
3/4B. BretonMirecourtc. 1890
3/4Klotz ModelGermanyc. 1880
3/4Carlo GavoniItalyc. 1930
3/4Ming Jiang Zhu Shop, Guarneri Model China 2011
7/8A. TorelliFrancec. 1890
7/8Karl HofnerGermanyc.1950's
7/8Alfred LangGermanyc.1930's
7/8Brenton BreveteFrancec.1890's
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