Student String Instruments

Morey’s Music Store is proud to offer quality, affordable violin outfits in a variety of price ranges starting at just $549.00. Each outfit includes violin, case and bow. For new string players check out this link: advice on selecting a beginning string instrument.

H.K. Schmidt Model 400 Violin Outfit

Regular Price: $749.00

Our Price: $549.00

The H.K. Schmidt Model 400 is a completely hand carved instrument with real inlaid purfling. This violin comes with a hand-cut bridge and soudpost. The pegs and fingerboard are ebony. This outfit includes a quality case and a wood bow with real horse hair and an ebony frog. This outfit sells for $549.00 and includes a lifetime warranty for the structural integrity of the instrument.

As a teacher, I know that when I send my private students there, they will be treated with kindness, respect, and be offered quality products at reasonable prices… The quality of the instrument setups, even in the student-level rentals are world-class.

Gene W.

Franz Junger Model 500 Violin Outfit

Regular Price: $999.00

Our Price: $799.00

The model 500 is our number one selling violin outfit. It features seasoned, hand carved maple back, ribs and neck and a hand carved, graduated spruce top. Each instrument is expertly set up with a hand cut bridge and soundpost. The pegs and fingerboard are ebony and the instrument comes strung with Dominant or Vision strings. The outfit includes a bow and oblong violin case.

Franz Junger Model 800 Violin Outfit

Regular Price: $1,450.00

Our Price: $1,095.00

The Model 800 is the most refined of the Franz Junger instruments and each comes with a beautiful highly figured one or two-piece maple back. The varnish is shaded and slightly antiqued. Like the other models, each instrument comes with a hand cut bridge and sound post a hand planed fingerboard and quality Dominant brand strings. This outfit includes a deluxe brazilwood bow. These instruments have a beautiful warm tone.