Quality Rentals

Morey’s Music has affordable rental rates on new and used instruments. Each rental instrument is shop adjusted for easy playability. Rentals can be converted to a purchase at any time during the rental agreement. We allow up to 8 months rent to be deducted off the purchase price of band and orchestral instruments. Customers purchasing a rental keyboard, percussion or fretted instrument may use up to 3 months of rental credit toward their purchase. This rental credit must be used within 30 days of returning the rental instrument and can be applied to any like instrument of equal or greater value.

We offer an optional protection plan with all of our rental instruments. A monthly fee of $1.50-$6.25 is added to the price of the monthly rental. This monthly fee is calculated based on the value of the instrument. In the event of damage to the instrument you would pay a small repair fee when the instrument is returned for repair. The protection plan does not cover loss.

Morey’s Music Store is pleased to have this opportunity to help meet your musical needs. Our excellent business reputation of over 90 years is built on quality, expert service, and our ability to meet our customers’ needs. We look forward to serving you.

We have a large stock of new and used musical instruments for rental or purchase. Below is a list of rental prices for the most popular musical instruments. Sale prices are for New Instruments.

In order to draw up a rental or purchase contract, customers must have the following:

  • Current valid driver’s license or state picture ID
  • Current valid major credit card or Debit Card with a Visa or MC logo
  • Credit in good standing
  • Three months non-refundable rent in advance due on the day of rental

Eight (8) months of paid rent can be applied to the purchase of most rental instruments.


  • Violins (All Sizes)
  • Viola (All Sizes)
  • Cello – Fractional Size
  • Cello – Full Size
  • String Bass


  • $20.00 & Up ($25.00 & Up for full size)

  • $25 & Up
  • $45 – $60
  • $50 & Up
  • $68 – $125


  • $25 & Up
  • $30 & Up
  • $70 & Up
  • $75 – $150

Price per month. Taxes not included. SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. Please call us at (562) 420 – 9532 for more information or answers to any questions you may have.


Name Brand Brass and Woodwind Instruments at an Affordable Price:

  • We feature the Yamaha line of band instruments in our rental inventory for those wanting a new, quality “name brand” to rent.
  • We have many other used “name brand” instruments in our rental fleet, which include: Yamaha, Conn, Selmer, Buffet, Vito, Bundy, King, Jupiter, Leblanc, Eastman and Getzen.
  • Each rental instrument is properly shop adjusted for easy playability.